A feature length documentary by Aryo Danusiri

Directed by Aryo Danusiri
Editor: Darwin Nugraha
Sound Engineer: Eva Nuridasari & Andri Munadi
Music composed by Thoersi Argeswara
Producer: Aryo Danusiri & Bruno Dercon
Executive Producer: Binod Shrestha
Produced by UNHABITAT Indonesia
Research, Camera and Sound: Aryo Danusiri

90 minutes/Digital/Color/Stereo 48 KHz

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2007

New Asian Currents Competition

Movies That Matter Award
Jakarta International Film Festival 2007

International Competition 2008

Best Documentary
Brussels Independent Film Festival 2008

"It subtly, yet compellingly shows the fears as well as the lives involved in the reconstruction of post-tsunami Aceh" - The Jakarta Post

"The film succeeds in portraying a local problem that will appeal greatly to international audiences worldwide. This proves a commendable skill of filmmaking the director possesses, in which translates to ability in bringing up humanity elements in the story of the film." - Jury's Statement (Jiffest)

Synopsis One

There is an Indonesian saying that when the elephants are locked in a fight, the mousedeer would die in the middle. But in this documentary, the mousedeer does not die - instead, it manages to play between them and get what it wants. This film documents a post-tsunami and post-conflict Aceh, where an international body (UNHABITAT) that is assigned to build houses, while an Acehnese village chief leads his people through the ups and downs of the ongoing reconstruction and rehabilitation process. The film very intimately shows how complicated it is to survive a traumatic event and then experience global intervention. Rebuilding a house in post-tsunami Aceh brings into play the whole world and forces the Acehnese people learn to deal with the friction between the global and local realms.

Synopsis Two

A year has passed since the tsunami in the village of Geunting Timur in Aceh, and the UN-HABITAT plan to rebuild homes is finally underway. However, this also signals the beginnings of the village heads days of strife as he attempts to take control of the situation. In additon to managing the building-material and construction situation as well as aid money and supplies, he scrambles to deal with various village dramas such as accidents and massive fires. While he strives to keep the project moving, the local elders, villagers, construction workers, and UN staff act and speak as they will. One day, he finally vents his frustation at a village gathering. As he looks up to the sky, holding a bolt that fell from the bridge, making it sway every time a truck full of resources passes through, we wonder what will become of the village head and his village...

Festivals (2007)
Yamagata Film Festival “New Asian Currents”
Jakarta International Film Festival (Competiton)
Asiatica Film Mediale Festival, Italy (Competition)
6th Documentary Film Festival (FFD), Jogja, Indonesia
Aceh Film Festival

Festivals (2008)
Vision du Reel Film Festival (Competition)
Seoul Independent Documentary Festival (SIDOF) “Focus of the Year”
35th International independent film festival, Brussels (Competition)
30th The Festival of 3 Continents, Nantes

Festivals (2009)
Celebration of Humanity, United Nation - BRR, Jakarta
Dudely House & Southeast Asia Study Group, Harvard University
The South Project - Kineforum, Jakarta

the essay on the film by Yuni Sare